Tornado Preparation

So we’ve learned how to help protect your home as best as possible from earthquakes and hurricanes, but what about tornadoes? Well fear not! If you live in the center of the US, the last two natural disasters may not effect you, but tornadoes may!

The first thing you will want to consider are how strong are your doors really? You will want to make sure the doors in your house can withstand strong winds. This way when you come back, your house will still have doors, and also a door won’t fly off and become a potential hazard to others. In such strong winds, a flying door can become very dangerous very fast. You will also want to strengthen your garage door as well. This door may very well be the weakest link in your home. Once this door has been blown off, then the house is lost as well as it is wide and open for the tornado to hit.

During a tornado, you are mostly likely hoping that when you return, the roof on your house is still there. In order to help put your mind at ease, make sure to re-enforce your roofing to make this a reality. When a tornado hits, the winds exert an inward pressure against the windward wall, outward pressure against the sidewalls and leeward wall and upward pressure against the roof. Keep this in mind when re-enforcing the roof. If the roof blows away, then your house becomes extremely vulnerable.

Just like in a hurricane, make sure to cover and protect your windows! If a window is left open, or smashed, then this just becomes essentially a hole for all the debris to come into. Make sure that the foundation of your home is also held down. This way your house literally does not fly away.

These are some simple, but essential tips when it comes to preparing your home for a tornado. If you follow these steps, then hopefully your house will still be standing, and will have faced only minimal damage.


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