Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane season has already begun, and it is very important that you are prepared and so is your home! There are a few things you should definitely do in order to best prepare for a potential hurricane.

One thing to ensure that you do is to check your insurance coverage and make sure if reflects your current home. You may want to add flood insurance if you haven’t already! Take the time to do a home inventory, this way should you have to file a claim, the whole process will be alot easier. Document your home items with a camera and keep receipts for valuable items.

You may also want to install a few items such as hurricane shutters. Also put head and foot bolts on the doors, as well as hurricane straps or clips to help hold the roof to the walls of your home. A safe room may also be a good idea as well. Landscaping is also very important. If you are not on top of this, then you may have alot more flying debris and tree branches flying around your home.

Make sure your home is supplied with an emergency supply kit. You will want to have at least a two week supply of water and non-perishable food for everyone in the family, including your pets! Most importantly, you will want to already have made an evacuation plan for your family. This way, you can keep as calm as you can during the actual event. Do not take risks during an emergency like this. Do not run back into your home to grab items during the storm, or refuse to evacuate. Just try your best to prepare your home before such an event, and hopefully your home will have little damage when you return.


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