Gardening & Landscaping ideas

When selling your house, a great idea to help make your home look even more irresistible would be landscaping and gardening. This is because the landscaping is the first thing potential buyers will see when they come to visit the house. This can actually add up to 28% to the overall home value!

One thing that is a must are trees! Trees are actually very helpful when they are on your property. They help block and suck up water that would otherwise runoff into storm drains. They also of course reduce carbon dioxide and help to save money! They reduce the amount of energy it takes to cool a house in the summer, and break winds during the winter and keep your house warmer!

Native plants are also another must. Native plants can help wildlife believe it or not! The National Wildlife Federation awards special awards to those homeowners who create natural backyards. This allows birds, butterflies and other animals the option of living here. Plants can also make you money as well. Having a large number of native plants may seem very irresistible to others, and this can boost your home value.

Another must have is outdoor lighting! If lighting is done tastefully, then it can highlight the great parts of your house and landscaping choices. It helped to prevent and potential slipping and falling. This also helps prevent any unwelcome guests such as burglars. This also just makes your house feel more like a home. All of the lights makes the house feel warm and inviting. All of these simple things can make your house feel very inviting and can easily raise the monetary value of the house!


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