There are many different options of living spaces people can move into, and one of these options is lofts! So what’s so great about lofts and how do you move into one? Let’s find out!

One great tip to keep in mind when loft searching is to ensure you bring a loft specialist with you during your first viewing. Actually, sellers usually require this, and in the long run the agent will be representing you and your best interest, so what’s not to loose? When placing a bid on a loft, you want to try your best to ensure you place your highest and best offer on the very first day of listing. Prices are negotiable and it is always possible to ask the seller to cover some expenses such as closing costs. If you bid too much then you may loose the offer all together. By waiting to see what other bidders do, you may miss out on the loft of your dreams all together.

Most real estate purchases include delays and unexpected costs. Some transactions fail because of these unexpected costs or some people cannot obtain the right finances. But, if you work with a lender this can be avoided! By working with a lender that is experienced with lofts, they know exactly what they are doing. When working a experienced loft lender, you will want to make sure you ask them certain questions. You will want to ensure you are prepared for any delays that may happen, such as allowing extra time for moving or unexpected costs. Make sure that the seller has carbon monoxide detectors installed, and ensure that you know the HOA fees. HOA’s often require a move in and out fee as well as a security deposit. Lastly ensure that the electricity is turned on when you move in. Often times, electricity is turned off before or right after a purchase is made.


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