Real Estate Apps

As this is the twenty-first century, phones are becoming more and more part of our daily lives. Some people rely more on their phones than even their computers! So, it’s only fitting that there are some very useful real estate apps that can be download for our phone-savvy customers.

One great app to download is the Trulia app! This is also a website, but the app is also very useful as well. It is available in the Apple app store and is also free. The app has separate sections for rentals and homes to own. It is also possible to use the location-based app to find potential listings near you, or a location of interest. Searches can be narrowed down by the size, year built and square footage. In addition, you can also see which neighborhoods are crime ridden, which is especially great if you have children.

Lovely is another amazing real estate app. This is a location-based app so this makes it much easier to find good places nearby while also taking into consideration your preferences. Once you find some properties that peak your interest, you can also save them and look at them again in the future. This app will also tell you if your furry friends are allowed as well! This app is also a great deal because it is free!

A more unique app to use is called Homesnap. This allows the user to find out more about the place of interest. You can take a photo of the house and it will give you more information about the property and it will even tell you if the property is a good investment or not. You can also see what properties your friends are looking at as well. This is also free, and can be downloaded for the iPhone or Android.

Zillow is of course another great app to use! This app can help you figure out whether or not you can afford the property you want. There is an affordability calculator in the app and will give you the amount you would pay in a monthly mortgage. If you are ready to refinance, you can also use the refinance calculator as well. This is available on Apple app store!

Trulia actually has another great app for users to use as well, it is called Trulia Mortgage. This is similar to the Zillow app. You can input the property price, down payment, your credit score and your zip code and see mortgage rates that are just for you! You can also research loan terms and how much lender fees are before you even call anyone! This app will help you figure out what you can and cannot afford. So try these new apps out, and they can help give you an awesome advantage in find the perfect house for you!


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