Old vs. New

Real Estate is quite the business and has been around for a long time. Along the way, real estate has changed alot in order to better fit with the current times.

In the twenty-first century, there is a very big difference in the way people search for houses as opposed the the twentieth century. In old times, potential buyers would have to look up properties in the newspaper under the real estate section. Then they would have to narrow down properties of interest and then go to an open house or call their agent and make an appointment. Today, people do most of their searching online, and then when they have a property of interest they contact their agent.

The marketing strategy has also changed over the years as well. It used to be that in order to market a house, people would have to make cold call, go door to door or send mail. Today, people can look in brochures and magazine that are published everywhere. There also were barely any broker or real estate agent that existed previously. This was because the because the selling and buying process was much more simple. The process consisted of the seller and buyer talking and then finalizing the deal. However today, a broker is mandatory. The real estate agent does most of the work, but they get the broker to help them out so the agent does not become overwhelmed. Not so simple anymore!

Loans have changed as well. Back in the day, selling and buying was pretty difficult sometimes because it was not easy to get a bank loan. Today however, it is much, much easier to get a loan from the bank.

How to present an offer has also changed. Back in the day, offers for a house were handwritten on paper and was pretty formal. Today however, offers can be done online and also make sure that the sale is increased and is able to earn a profit.

While the process has changed over the years, some things have not changed. The need to know the market and to understand your client’s needs have not changed. Some things have changed in order to become more effective and faster.


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