Real Estate Myths

As you go through your home search, you may have heard a few rumors here and there. How can you tell what is the truth and what isn’t? Well this blog post will debunk some real estate myths you may have heard!

One common myth is that all realtors are the same. This isn’t the truth at all. Just like any job position, they may have the same duties, but every agent approaches the job differently. Also, some agents have different skills levels and experience than others. That said, keep this in mind when choosing a realtor. Research their expertise, references and skills to ensure that they work with what you need to be done.

Overpricing your home is another myth. Many people believe that they can overprice their home, but can still sell it because there’s probably one person on Earth that will buy it. However, this is just not true. In modern times, people have access to technology, and can educate themselves. If you overprice your home, then potential buyers will be able to find this out by just a click of a button. If people find out your home is overpriced, then it may sit on the market for a very, very long time.

Another myth is that real estate agents make loads of cash. This isn’t necessarily the case. While real estate agents due earn commissions on houses they sell, this percent is very large. This is because the commission is split with other agents, brokers, vendors or anyone else who helped in selling this house.

There is another myth floating around that Zillow can sell your home. Zillow is not your internet real estate agent. Zillow is more like a website to get ideas from. You can search to find homes around your area, but this isn’t like where you just click a button and buy a home. Zillow is a good place to look for ideas, but working with a professional realtor is the best way to find a home.

One last common myth is that a house does not need to be staged in order to sell it. Do not do this! Staging is crucial to the home selling process. It is crucial for a potential home buyer to imagine themselves in your home. They cannot do this if the house is cluttered with your personal items. They will just feel like a guest in your home in this case. Removing clutter gives them the proper ability to imagine themselves in this home.


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