Final Walkthrough Tips

Once you have finally bought the house of your dreams, you probably think you are finally done and you can relax….you’re almost right! There’s just the final walk-through left to do. This is something that is arranged with your real estate agent about a week before closing. This is done to make sure that the property’s condition has not changed since your last visit.
When you do a walk-through for the last time, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is not an inspection, as this has already been done. When you go for the final walk-through, make sure to bring your contract with you so you can refer to it whenever necessary. Make sure to turn all light fixtures on and off, and ensure that no fixtures have been removed. Check all major appliances and ensure they work, and the same does with the heat and air conditioning. Make sure to turn on faucets and double check for leaks and flush all toilets. Test the garage door openers and open and close all windows and doors.
Next, make sure that there are no spots or more stains on the ceilings, wall and floors. If there were agreed-upon repairs, inquire on the status of those repairs. You may want to turn on all exhaust fans and garbage disposals as well to ensure they are working. Another thing you will want to do, is to look in the storage areas and make sure all trash or other unwanted items are no longer there. Make sure to do a quick check of the yard too.
This should take around an hour for a good last inspection. Make sure to take your time, you want to ensure that the house is exactly what you expected with no surprises.


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