Home Energy Conservation

Imagine, you have just moved into your brand new dream home. Everything is exactly how you imagined, then you get your utilities bill. All of the sudden, you don’t feel quite as happy as you did before. Fear not! There are a few ways to help cut down costs on your energy bill in your house!
In order to help conserve energy, one major thing you can do is to seal any air leaks you may have. You can insulate your doors, windows and attics. This actually can reduce your heating and cooling bill by 20%! Another pretty easy thing to do is simply turn off the lights when leaving a room. You can turn off lights, televisions, fans and any other appliances you may have to help reduce energy usage.
An easy tip you can do, is to turn off your AC when you’re at work. You can actually program your thermostat to your schedule and this way, it can turn off after you leave for work and turn on right before you get home from work. By doing this, you can actually save around 10% on your annual cooling costs! Another important AC tip is to check the age of your AC. If it is older than 10 years, then more than likely it is not as efficient as it could be. By replacing your system, you can reduce your electric bill and you could even qualify for a tax credit for the coming year. One more important tip regarding AC’s is to replace your filters often, or even switch to reusable, cleanable ones. This can reduce energy bills because dirty filters slow down the flow of air and forces your unit to worker harder for the same results.
You can also replace light bulbs around your house to more energy-efficient halogen incandescent ones. This can surprisingly reduce your energy consumption by a third! One more tip for you to use is to wash your clothes in cold water. Using hot water is not actually necessary to clean your clothes. Cold water can do just as good a job as hot water can. By using these tips, you can start to enjoy your new home even more by saving money!


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